We produce a wide range of POS materials:

Вобблеры изготовление
Стойки купить

Шелфстопперы продажа
Shelf stoppers
Муляжи изготовление
Подставки акриловые

Стенды рекламные
Диспенсеры продажа

Мобайлы купить
Стикеры изготовление

We offer the integrated design of entrance space, display windows and retail areas.

Our company is able to quickly and competently handle any requests for production of promotional products, holders, business card holders and similar products made of plastic, wood and metal.

We will quickly develop the dummy and make the pilot sample. We make logos using all types of printing or laser engraving.

изготовление магнитов изготовление номерков, фишек из акрила

production of magnets, checks, chips from acryl, metal, wood

лазерная гравировка лазерная гравировка

laser engraving

laser wood-engraving

laser wood-engraving

laser engraver

laser engraver

Фрезерно-гравировальный станок

Milling and engraving machine 1200Х1800

In production of the outdoor advertising, the milling and engraving machine is used when working with acrylic glass, acryl, wood, MDF, aluminum alloy, brass, etc. The modern equipment ensures the pinpoint accuracy in reproduction of difficult drawings and allows to create 3D images. The milling and engraving machine is able to provide excellent cutting and engraving results.

What is POS materials?

The modern POS materials that you can buy from us represent various specialized advertising elements assisting in active promotion of goods, services, trademarks and brands.

It can be keychains, flags, pens, badges and many other items that can be used as promotional products.

The design of POS materials is developed so that to use their surface for advertising purposes in the most effective way. Becoming the owner of such merchandise, the potential customer receives all necessary information on the advertised company, its advantages and contact details for communication.

Pelikan-Group company brings to your attention the high-quality modern POS materials produced with the high-tech equipment that is a guarantee of high quality of the finished goods. Contact us!