Floor Display Stand for Products

Floor Display Stand for Products

Are you tired of unstable display
stands and low-quality materials
of which they are MADE?

We will save you the bother!

Choose the materials for the display stand on
your own or consult an expert.

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(067) 442 33 63
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We fulfill the order
of any complexity
of the strongest materials!

Why our display stands are the best:

Stands are made of any materials, for example:

plastics (acrylic glass, polystyrene, PVC),
composite materials,
metal structures,
with enamel powder coating,
aluminum shape.

They serve more than one year and may be rebranded! The design of the stand allows to alter the advertising message from one direction to another!
There are folding and solid stand. The folding stands are convenient when transporting and they do not bring unnecessary difficulties.
We make the stand by the photo.
Give us the photo of the stand and we will make the same for you!

Pelikan-Group company has been effectively working at the market of outdoor and indoor advertising since 2004.

Now we can boast of hundreds of customers across all Ukraine, who are glad that they have once known about us.

Our customers: 

Examples of the floor display stands:

напольная рекламная стойка из ДСП и полистирола
Floor display stand made of
LDF and polystyrene
напольная рекламная стойка из композита и акрила
Floor display stand made of
composite and acryl

Floor display stand made
of plastics (PVC)
напольная стойка из акрила и полистирола
Floor display stand made of acryl
and polystyrene
напольный дисплей из пластика(ПВХ) с прямой УФ печатью
Floor display made of plastics (PVC)
with direct UV-printing
Стойка из пластика разборная
Folding stand made of plastics.

Portable stand for products made of LDF. Photo

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(067) 442 33 63
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How can the consumer know about advantages of this or that trademark, novelties, promotional actions and other campaigns of the company? The information is provided by the display and information stands that are placed in public places with big stream of people. The display stands are an effective way of advertising and providing the buyer with useful information. The most popular are floor display stands that can be divided into two types: solid and folding. The second option is convenient, if you plan to place it one-by-one in different places and to transport it often. Then you can quickly dismantle the stand, pack it compactly and transport easily.
The floor information stands can be made of different materials: acrylic glass, polystyrene, wood, metal, MDF, LDF and many others. The customer chooses the material, as well as shapes of the stand.
The floor stands can be used both for display of goods and printed information products. So, it can be the stand for brochures, mobile promo stand or floor stand for products. The digital display stands are one of the most expensive and presentable.
As you can see, the variety of types is limitless. The main thing is to choose the right stand for your products, which will be attractive, high-quality, stable and, as a result, functional.
The display stands and floor brochure holders are produced by companies specializing in this sphere. The higher the skill level of specialists of such company, the better the products they create.
In our company you can order floor display stands or stands for products. Our stands are the guarantee of awareness and demand for your products. It is just impossible to pass by. Contact us and experience it first-hand!